Hi everyone,

I am now trying a new project at work which is to allow the staff and students to connect to their user areas and mapped network drives that they need to from home.

I know about Ranger Outpost which if I really have to I will use, but my problem is that I dont want the students and staff to have to install something at home on their machines as this usually causes more hassel than its worth trying to explain what they need to do.

Idealy what I am looking for is something that can integrate with our website, say a page where they login through the site, and it connects to the network here giving them access as if you had clicked on my computer where they would have their "my documents" and and mapped network drives.

This would be extreemly useful as staff wouldnt have to worry about forgetting to bring some material home, and students would then be able to alter work from home, and when they do their homework, could then just upload it to their user areas here with no fuss.

Does anybody know any software that would be sufficiant of doing this if so could you point me in the right direction please.