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Windows Thread, Microsoft office installing. in Technical; A teacher came to me this morning and enquired as to why her new pupils could not open a document ...
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    Microsoft office installing.

    A teacher came to me this morning and enquired as to why her new pupils could not open a document she had prepared for them.

    It turns out that the new year have a box that pops up when they first run word where they have to type in their full name and hit ok, now that isn't a problem. The problem is that when they click ok, the .doc they double clicked to open word does not open and they have to go back to the folder and open it again.

    I know this will only happen the first time, after that it will be fine, however is there a way I can turn off office asking for a name on the first run, as these are year 1 students and she believes it will take ages with them.

    *edit, I read another thread about having mandatory application data folders, I see this doesn't work apparntly*
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