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Windows Thread, Spam filter for Outlook in Technical; I have heard of SpamAssassin - but never used it, any good? Can anyone recommended a preferably free spam filter ...
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    Spam filter for Outlook

    I have heard of SpamAssassin - but never used it, any good?

    Can anyone recommended a preferably free spam filter for outlook or a solution. We have a few members of staff getting Spam through.


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    I've used it on a unix SMTP relay. Not used it on Windows\Exchange directly.

    It worked pretty well. Was pretty much setup and leave alone. I suppose I should of looked at stats etc, but when people don't moan at you cause they are getting spam any more, you stop caring and move on to the next "urgent" problem.

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    What are you running right now for spam protection at the server?
    Exchange IMF is quite good tbh so I would turn that on (Exchange 2003+) as it will help anyway. Client solutions are more annoying as you will find yourself rolling it out to more and more people as time goes on, best to get a good server level spam system.
    We use puremessage 3 for windows on its own DMZ which scans for spam/viruses and lets a little through but IMF on exchange usually picks the rest up.

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    SpamBully and spam bayes are both decent filters for Outlook. Both do bayesian filtering which learns from your email habits to correctly block spam out. A few other good features as well like being able to report. I use them in combo with a few Outlook Rules.

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    I would second ZeroHour, run it at server level. Spam assassin is a Unix tool really, I don't know whether it run on Windows. But the built-in (you have to install it) tool is good, I use it on an extra-curricular site.

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