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Windows Thread, Tape backup - restoring in Technical; Im quite sure i know the answers to my own questions but this is very important so thought id ask ...
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    Tape backup - restoring

    Im quite sure i know the answers to my own questions but this is very important so thought id ask first.

    Our main file server has died. The backups havnt been very clever of late; failing, losing whole years worth of data etc but im hoping ill be ok .

    If i move the tape drive (HP storage works DLT320) to another server and install Veritas (version 8 iirc, from the year 2001 anyway - yes i know i know) will it pick up the content of the tape and allow me to recover the data.

    Is there any chance of the data on the tape being destroyed should something go wrong? (We may only have 1 tape with the data on)

    Yes i know i know very bad backup practice... not my decision, but it is my job to pick up the peices
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    Yes- you should be able to just install veritas, catalog the tape and restore from there.

    If your concerned that the tape drive is going to play up I'd install it and do a few test backup and restores before putting the tape containing the actual data in just to be sure that its installed and working correctly.

    If the above works the risk of the drive damaging your tape is minimal.


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