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Windows Thread, Do Primary schools have Network Managers? in Technical; Originally Posted by steveg I'm a full time ICT manager at a large(ish) primary (420 kids). I also have 1 ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by steveg View Post
    I'm a full time ICT manager at a large(ish) primary (420 kids). I also have 1 full time term time only technician, and another for 2 days a week. They are mainly used to support another 6 primary schools that we support though.

    In total at the main school we work at, between us we are there for 60 hours a week. We've been able to fund this level of cover from the profit we make charging the technicians out to the other schools.

    I think I'm going to cry. I'm at a slightly bigger school. for 10 hours a week

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    Primary School, 700ish kids and 80+ staff, 170+ machines not including the other equipment. Fulltime 36.5 hours . 4 hours in another primary. Known as a technician even though i do more than fixing machines. ordering ,dealing with contracters and more. Pay is not good

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    Quote Originally Posted by witch View Post
    I think I'm going to cry. I'm at a slightly bigger school. for 10 hours a week
    Maybe I shouldn't moan so much about not having enough time then! We do always seem to be busy though! I will often work a 45 hour week just to get things done! (I have just had a month off though :-))

    We do have to support quite a bit at the main site, but nothing too excessive:
    5 servers, inc exchange, sql and remote access
    80 desktop clients
    120 wireless clients, inc 100 of which the kids take home
    HP managed wireless network with 14 access points
    VOIP phone system
    Recently setup a data logger and cctv system to monitor the school pond
    Currently developing the schools VLE

    We also do all network cabling, whiteboard and projector installs, PAT testing and other maintenance in house.

    A very supportive head and school business manager is very useful!


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    I work for 3 primary schools x 3hours per week, on top of running the network at my secondary school.

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    I know this thread is from a long time ago, but I was wondering if any of you would be able to help.

    Over the last year or so I have been managing the networks of 6 of our feeder primary schools. I have been given a "Project Allowance" on top of my usual pay for this, but I am looking to get all of my duties bundled into one job title. So I have been asked to find some job descriptions for similar positions, but I am struggling to find any if I am honest.
    It has been suggested I look for either job descriptions of someone managing the networks of several primary schools or a small secondary school.

    If any of you have any of your job descriptions handy or could suggest where I could look for some that would be great.

    Thanks in advance

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    Just to update my previous post, I have just been offered a full time post at my largest primary so in the near future will be a full time network manager at one primary.
    @Spuddyboy My current job will be advertised soon I when the job description is written you can have a copy.

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    That's fantastic for you, congratulations.

    If you could sort a copy out for me that would be great, I don't suppose you have a job description for your new role do you?

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    @Spuddyboy I manage a primary school network, but it's quite a large one (it's outgrown a lot of secondary schools around this area!), not sure if it'll help or not but below is my (currently in negotiation) JD.

    This isn't 100% set in stone yet as I am still negotiating on it (and some other things) but from my POV this covers the major parts of my job. I found parts of this on the web and adapted it, in case it looks similar to anyone else's here, I didn't create this from scratch just adapted it to fit me!

    Job Title: ICT Manager
    Responsible to: Deputy Head Teacher

    1. Managing the Software Library of the School
    a. Maintaining an up-to-date software catalogue with corresponding licencing
    b. Ensuring that all software is accessible to staff and pupils as required
    c. Making back-up files and archiving material where appropriate

    2. Managing the Computer Resources of the School

    a. Installing new computer equipment
    b. Ensuring that network hardware and network cabling is maintained
    c. Maintaining an inventory of equipment and licences
    d. Setup and deployment of new hardware throughout the school
    e. Ordering ICT related consumables
    f. Ordering computers and peripherals
    g. Installing new software on computers
    h. Keeping all computers up-to-date with software patches & anti-virus updates

    3. Managing the servers and network infrastructure by:

    a. Ensuring that usernames and profiles are created and deleted as appropriate
    b. Managing the allocation of user storage space
    c. Carrying our regular housekeeping for effective fileserver storage
    d. Implementing the school’s network AUP and Internet security policies
    e. Completely rebuilding computers as and when required
    f. Making virtual images of CD’s to allow access to everyone across the network
    g. Managing the print server to allow printing for everyone across the network
    h. Managing the 2 wireless networks, 3 wired networks and 5 vLANs used within the school

    4. Ensuring that Internet connectivity is maintained
    a. Ensuring that the connection is filtered to the required level of access
    b. Ensure safe browsing by the installation and management of anti-virus systems

    5. Problem Solving
    a. Troubleshoot problems with ICT devices throughout the school
    b. Act as the SIMS.net and FMS Administrator and assist staff with related problems
    c. Monitor for and report any misuse of computer equipment
    d. Update and troubleshoot software for computers in the school

    6. Administration of the Virtual Learning Platform
    a. Responsible for the annual rollover of pupil and staff data
    b. Creation and deletion of VLP accounts as required
    c. Resetting passwords, provide training, and general housekeeping of VLP

    7. On a daily basis:
    a. Maintaining an up-to-date hardware and software catalogue
    b. Ensure that all software is accessible to staff and pupils
    c. Ensure the Internet connection is live and accessed safely by staff and pupils
    d. Make back-up files and archive material where appropriate
    e. Assist pupils and staff with requests and troubleshoot problems as they arise
    f. Research and develop new ways to secure and improve the network infrastructure and the end-users' experiences of ICT

    8. Holiday work

    a. Clean and update the computer equipment of the school
    i. Cleaning includes but is not limited to keyboards, screens, projectors, whiteboards and printers
    b. Undertake any required maintenance/updates/activities that would otherwise interfere with term-time activities

    9. Deliver ad-hoc training as requested by individual staff members, and deliver en-mass training sessions as requested by SLT

    a. This includes attending training sessions and self-training on things to then pass on to other staff members

    10. Provide general technical support for staff and pupils

    a. This also includes but is not limited to, the creation of resources for teaching & learning, troubleshooting problems as informed about them, and assistance with planning for & delivering ICT within lessons

    Personnel Supervisory Management: None
    Financial resources: "ICT" and "ICT Consumables" budgets
    Physical resources: Responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the school's ICT devices - up to 800

    Physical effort: Daily requirement to move ICT equipment such as laptops and iPads, weekly requirement for heavier lifting (i.e. laptop trolley movement, iPad trunk movement, taking delivery of IT equipment)

    Working Environment: Air conditioned server room. Occasional working at height required for projector-based work.


    Hope that helps!
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    It really depends upon the size of the school; smaller schools with only a small amount of kit would find it hard to finance / justify a Network Manager post. Although IMO it makes sense if a few club together and employ their own rather than hiring one of the LEA techs for a few hours a fortnight which is what happens in some schools.

    I'm an ICT Operations Manager in a 3 form entry i.e. 700+ primary that also has a small childrens centre onsite that I support. I used to support two schools this size on my own but I spent too much time fire fighting and the head wanted me onsite full time because I couldn't always drop what I was doing and run back if there was an issue at the other school. It might be simple things like a projector not working but not having someone onsite has a negative impact on learning if they can't use the equipment until your next scheduled visit.

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