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Windows Thread, Logins for every child. in Technical; I have a vbscript pulls all the information needed for user creation (including home folder creation) from sims.net, this can ...
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    I have a vbscript pulls all the information needed for user creation (including home folder creation) from sims.net, this can then runs as a scheduled task every night, so when admin staff enrol a student their account will be ready the next day.

    the script create users in the format

    [intake year][firstname initial][middle initial][surname]

    this normally stops the need for numbers at the end of the username.

    Plus it has the added benefit of putting all the information into AD for moodle to integrate with SIMS.net
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    AddUsers Automates Creation of a Large Number of Users

    i still use this with no probs under 2003.

    combined with some batch files !

    works a treat.

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    Just out of curiousity is there a reason people use 3rd party tools to create users when Win2K3 server has a number of tools to create them relatively easilly for you?

    I understand buying tools to do things the server doesn't but to do things the server does? Personally I quite enjoyed rying to figure out how to use "dsadd" and script my user creation, now it's easy and I feel like I learnt something.

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    There is also a vbs script in the AD-OD sandbox file. I used this to import my users into AD for the OD integration.

    The script creates the users, builds the home dir path home drive letter and creates the My Documents folder and assigns the users permissions to that folder as well. It imports the script from a CSV file that is relatively easy to get from SIMS although i would love to do this automatically.

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