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Windows Thread, Printer Problem K5400 in Technical; Morning, One of the teachers I really like (sarcasm alert) has a problem with one of our many K5400 printers. ...
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    Printer Problem K5400


    One of the teachers I really like (sarcasm alert) has a problem with one of our many K5400 printers. I have about 10 of these and I really like them but his doesn't work correctly.

    What happens is it takes about 5 minutes for the jobs to start printing which slows the entire system down, trying to continue working on it is painful. I've changed the USB cable and tried a few different drivers but all have the same problem.

    Only thing I have noticed is that its using the DOT4 printer support rather than the USB one (I know I have seen it where you can chose one or the other when its uinitially installed).

    I thought I had fixed it yesterday when I noticed it was printing to USB001 instead of the DOT4 port which printed out a test page straight away but he is reporting its still doing the same thing.

    Any ideas? I might steal another to test its not the printer itself.

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    I couldn't be sure on this as I've not seem that specific issue but a few things.

    1. Check what sort of size document/file is being sent to the printer (I had one teacher sending out 10megapixel images to a K8600 recently which had the drivers set to print after spooling and it took 10+ minutes before it started.

    2. Check the spooling settings.. Is it spooling first and then printing or start printing immediately

    3. Try un-installing the printer driver and then manually reinstalling by pointing to the extracted drivers (run the installer, locate the drivers in the temp folder, copy/paste to new location then use that location for the manual "have disk" approach)

    4. Check to see if there's sufficient hard drive space and memory to run the spooler.. It could be that the drive is filling up with fragments and there's very little contiguous hard drive space for the print jobs.

    Overall though it sounds like the problem is the computer it's hooked up to rather than the printer. I'm willing to bet that if you shift it to a different machine it'll be fine.

    Hope that helps.

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