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Windows Thread, WSUS 3 SP1 Optimisation tips in Technical; Hi County have pushed out WSUS 3 SP1 to a number of the primary schools I work in. I'm not ...
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    WSUS 3 SP1 Optimisation tips


    County have pushed out WSUS 3 SP1 to a number of the primary schools I work in. I'm not complaining as it saves me a load of work. However, it seems regardless of network size, it can take between 100MB - 500MB in RAM. (w3wp.exe and sqlserv.exe) No other SQL or web services run on the servers. My biggest network probably has 40-50 domain machines

    Is this about right? Has anyone got any tips to optimise memory usage?


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    WSUS does use a lot of memory, but I wouldn't worry too much. Windows generally is pretty good at managing memory these days. It's when applications are poorly written, (causing memory leaks) which is a real problem as it can crash servers completely.

    In my experience WSUS is a well written application and works well. The amount of memory used could also be related to how many products you're patching and what types of updates you deploy.

    I deploy updates to XP, 2003 Server and Office only. I deploy Critical Updates, Definition Updates, Security Updates, Update Rollups and Updates. I don't deploy Service Packs which might possibly be the reason your WSUS is using 500MB + of memory.

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