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Windows Thread, veritas backup probs in Technical; Hi Guys, Using Veritas backup 9.1 on all my servers. Having few problems with one of my backups. It keeps ...
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    veritas backup probs

    Hi Guys,

    Using Veritas backup 9.1 on all my servers. Having few problems with one of my backups. It keeps telling me that the tapes are not overwritable and I have managed to track the problem down to the overwrite date on each backup is now set to 31st dec 1999. If I format the tape on anotherdrive I can backup fine but I want to be able to change that date..



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    Re: veritas backup probs

    Hi Matt (another local!)

    I'm on 10.0 here so I don't know if I can be of much help... it appears that in 10 you can change / edit the Media Set properties that the tapes belong to.

    I can't remember 9 very well, but could you not create a new media set with a different overwrite date (or no overwrite date at all) and put the tapes into that?

    Of course, I am probably barking completely up the wrong tree here....


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    Re: veritas backup probs

    I think the overwrite dates are ignored if you drag them into the Scratch media pool (I think)

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