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Windows Thread, Weird print queue issue in Technical; I have a print queue that prints fine. That is only if i have the actual print queue window open ...
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    Weird print queue issue

    I have a print queue that prints fine. That is only if i have the actual print queue window open on the server.

    If i don't have it open. The jobs queue up and don't print. They stay there happily and the printer never tells me that there is an error. As SOON as i open the print queue the first job in the list spools and then prints and the rest follow as if no problem occurred. This can be replicated as soon as i close down the Print queue window. Now i don't even know where to start with this one.

    I haven't re-created the print queue yet but that is my next port of call after i test the print spooler but it seems that this works fine as the jobs print immediately so it must be sitting there waiting. Then i will re-install printer drivers.

    Anyone seen this before and know exactly what it is before i start messing with things that work-ish.

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    I have had this before - not sure what I did, but the printer just sorted itself out.

    Is this printer installed on a server operating system? What one?

    I think that it is to do with the computer not recognising that it has a print job, as it didn't process itself, but when the print queue is open it sees that it has jobs to process.

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    Has the print spooler service somehow managed to interact with the desktop?

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