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Windows Thread, Local Windows workgroups & Shares in Technical; Basically we have a 'server' for Cintra - Really just a 2.4ghz P4 box with 768mb RAM and XP SP2 ...
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    Local Windows workgroups & Shares

    Basically we have a 'server' for Cintra - Really just a 2.4ghz P4 box with 768mb RAM and XP SP2 on it.

    Cintra then has a folder which is shared as a basic XP share and clients run the program file by running the .exe in the share.

    I'm been told sometimes Cintra is running quite slow on the client machine(s) and I reckon this is down to the fact it is constantly trying to access the whole program and data through a share.

    The interesting point is the client machine is in a totally different Workgroup to the server machine so if I'm thinking correct the client has to scan the entire workgroup to find the server and thus the share.

    So would putting the client machine in the same workgroup as the server machine provide a boost in performance?

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    I understand where you're coming from, but you won't notice any speed difference. If you look at memory and network utilisation when the application is in use (using Task Manager) this may give you a better idea where the problem is.

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    This seems a very roundabout way of doing things, if the clients, for example are loading


    The clients wouldn't [Shouldn't?] have to scan the whole workgroup, especially if using the IP address.

    Try running wireshark on your network to see what happens when a client is turned on and attempts to use that program.

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