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Windows Thread, EMA LearnerSupport Interim Portal in Technical; Sorry, couldn't work out which subforum this should end up in... Is anyone who's running the EMA scheme getting reports ...
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    EMA LearnerSupport Interim Portal

    Sorry, couldn't work out which subforum this should end up in...

    Is anyone who's running the EMA scheme getting reports of the staff dealing with it having problems with the portal (adding students/recording attendance) behind a proxy?

    When it was run by Capita, I didn't have to touch it at all bar setting up term dates as the 'superuser' - since the switch to the new provider and the provision of an interim portal, we seem to be unable to register new students or record attendance.

    If I access the portal away from our filtered network, I can do it - "Aha, it's your filter!" you'd be thinking. So would I - but... Site is whitelisted, user is set as unfiltered, also added the site to the list of domains allowed access without authentication just in case, added it to Trusted Sites etc. It will do the student lookup fine (enter LURN number, hit tab) but after setting the options for their course etc and hitting submit, it just sits and eventually displays a timeout page.

    Tried - IE6, IE7, Firefox, different machines, different network users, superuser and normal EMA user. It's driving me nuts! Looking like I'm going to end up doing all the registrations and payments if they don't get back to me with a solution soon.

    The only clue I have looking at the HTML of the page (and I'm not a webdesigner) is that it's using a lot of wierd javascript postbacks for form submissions. Are these known to have any problems behind a proxy? I did try using ProxyCfg -u just in case it was similar to the problems with XML-HTTP objects but no joy.


    Edit: Just tried it from our other site which is also behind a Censornet proxy, IE7, same user, no problems - register and record attendance fine. This is really going to nark me!
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