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Windows Thread, Stumped in Technical; This one is kind of weird. I update all my images this summer as I normally do, current Flash, SP3, ...
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    This one is kind of weird. I update all my images this summer as I normally do, current Flash, SP3, updated versions of programs for curriculum yadda yadda. So I assume everything is going ok, all the programs function kids can log in save their data to their home folder, so I image it up and out to ~180 machines. Now I have found there is a problem and here it is.
    You can NOT use drag and drop functionality to copy. Ouch! So my kids cant turn in their work by dragging it from their home to a teacher's Dropbox share. It doesn't give an error, the little plus sign appears when you hold it over the folder and it just goes away. Also if I log in as Admin it wont work, not even to copy from a share to my Desktop. The only work around I have is to right click the file, copy and paste then it works fine. Right click, copy , paste works mapped as a student as well but the problem is I don't allow students to right click. I have a non imaged machine in the same OU and it's drag and drop works fine, I am re-applying all updates and checking functionality after each one but was just wondering if this is something I don't know about that I can turn on/off easily or a dang weird problem.
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    Its an issue that some users have after the sp3 update.

    You may have to add a registry entry to re-enable this functionality. I found using "Process Monitor" that an Internet zone policy was being checked in the registry that doesn't exist. No entry, no policy, so no authorization to drag/drop.

    In regedit, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Internet Settings/Zones/4.

    If there isn't an entry named 180D, then create a new DWORD entry named 180D and set the value to 0.

    Can't take full credit as found fix on another site

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