I have ust installed the 2003 Sp2 admin tools pak on my XP SP2 pc. When i try to run the Active Directory User & Computers short cut it wont run, same with the Group Policy shortcut. All the other shortcxuts to all the other options in the admin tools folder work fine.

Funny thing though, if i create a custon MMc with AD U&C in it works fine and i have access., same if i create a custom MMC for GPMC.....??

It complains it cant find or i do not have access to c:\windows\system32\dsa.msc but i have checked all the permissons and i do have access.

If i choose 'run as on the ADUC short cut and run it as domain admin thenit runs which points to permsisions but i just can t work it out as i am a memeber of 'domain admins'

Any idea?