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Windows Thread, 2 Primary DNS servers in Technical; Over the summer I have replaced our 2 Server2003 Domain Controllers which both run DNS services. When setting up the ...
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    2 Primary DNS servers

    Over the summer I have replaced our 2 Server2003 Domain Controllers which both run DNS services.

    When setting up the 2nd DNS servers i configured it as a "Secondary server" from within the DNS Zone options. When trying to use the 2nd DNS server i realised you cannot edit entries (obviously as it is just a read only copy of the primary server) but that made me think "we used to be able to edit entries on either server (i think lol)

    So obviously it used to be set up with 2 Primary DNS servers replicating to each other. This seemed to work but we did occasionally have DNS problems, maybe this was the cause?

    What differance will it make having 1 primary and 1 secondary rather than 2 primary?

    Hopefully it should all work fine now but thought id post it here so you lot can comment.
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    Having only one primary means you have a single point of failure for having a writeable copy of the DNS database and also puts more strain on that server as it's the only writeable copy.

    There should be no DNS problems having 2 (or more) primary DNS servers, AD-integrated, if they're setup properly.

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    You probably had AD-integrated zones, which means you can change them on any participating DNS server and it will replicate outwards.

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