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Windows Thread, Exchange 2007 and non outlook clients in Technical; We've just upgraded from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007. My Star Techie has got OWA working and we can access ...
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    Exchange 2007 and non outlook clients

    We've just upgraded from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007. My Star Techie has got OWA working and we can access email using outlook still. However we have several scripts and utilities that use email to notify users of changes like our helpdesk and our room booking system. These no longer authenticate to the exchange server to send email. The helpdesk still pulls emails down from its exchange email box using pop but SMTP doesn't seem to work. I've done all the usual password resets, service restarts, patches and script updates but nothing has worked

    I've seen in my searches that Exchange 2007 is a lot more picky about using secure authentication methods but the utilities don't have any options for anything other than basic authentication.

    Anyone had this and got it working or know how to turn off the requirement for super secure authentication?

    Chris J

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    I had the problem with my backup servers not been able to email me, have you added a rule to allow relaying for you srevers? If you have a relaying rule it ignores all Auth.

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    yep, add a mail relay from your internal servers and you can specify no authentication.

    A quick google should produce instructions

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