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Windows Thread, Sophos - updated views? in Technical; Hi, I've found a few threads on here (many negative) relating to Sophos. Most are about a year old. A ...
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    Sophos - updated views?

    I've found a few threads on here (many negative) relating to Sophos. Most are about a year old.
    A school I've just arrived at are considering purchasing it. They came in today to install it (v7.5) on one of the servers. My initial impression is that it has many features we simply don't need or can be done with windows - white list applications, checking new computers for compliance (it took me about 2 minutes to figure out a way of by passing this!) blocking thumb drives. It also uses double the ram of Norton.
    Being able to configure the policy centrally is nice - can this be done with Norton?
    'Push installs' are notoriously unreliable for any app and we had to do several things manually in order to make it work.

    What do you think now… have they solved many of the previously reported problems. Positive feedback appreciated too.


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    Sophos works fine in my experience, but only on newer hardware. The memory requirements are fairly high I agree, so it makes older hardware run even slower! I always recommend AVG to my customers. It's fast, reliable and easy to use. I've not had the opportunity of running it in a domain environment to date, but maybe some day I will I would recommend you take a look at it.

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    We use sophos here. The whitelist is useful because some things it reports as a virus and autoquarentines which you know for a fact is not etc. The admin console is great to get an overview for the network, but yeh it really does slow computers. We still have some 256mb ram pcs and sophos uses up about 50MB.

    Agree the pushing out was a PITA and we had to semi-manually install on about 25%. (i just made a login script that ran the setup)

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    We're also using Sophos, have done for the last three years. No major issues, very happy with it, although all of our computers are fairly new so haven't really noticed an issue with memory.

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    It's ok when it works, but as you say it has a lot of things that you may not really need and the management console annoys me a bit. Have a look at McAfee's Total Protection thing, it's aimed at business but there's no reason it can't work in a school, and I like it a lot.

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