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Windows Thread, Backup job creation ideas in Technical; OK I'm tired of the backups jobs put in place by my predecessor. We have every single folder on every ...
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    Backup job creation ideas

    OK I'm tired of the backups jobs put in place by my predecessor. We have every single folder on every single drive of the server being backed up.
    I want to create some new jobs to start running but want ideas on best solutions.
    Currently we have
    Admin - approx 60gb data being backed up
    academic - approx 140gb data being backed up
    firewall - not sure as the full system backup it runs in has never completed!

    we have AIT4 and AIT5 tapes littered around here so minimuim i have is 200gb and max is 1tb per tape.
    Would it be best to do a monday-thursday daily incremental backup of ALL servers on one tape (so approx 200gb data), and then each friday do a week1/week2/week3/week4 full backup to run over the weekend?
    I can't see any reason why i should go with the current admin/academic separate backups.
    we have a tape loader but i wouldnt want to load a weeks worth of tapes in, just because id want them kept in the fireproof safe until needed....unless i do a two weekly backup so mon-thu weeks 1&3 and mon-thu weeks 2&4. so i can keep the tapes in all week then swap them the next week.

    what do people think would be the best way to go.....considering i dont want to buy anything else so suggestions of other hardware/software aren't an option.


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    Just thought it would be worthwhile mentioning that you need a fire and data proof safe, as even in the event of a fire, the data would be lost, so essentially it is useless!!!

    Otherwise we do something similiar...

    Friday1, 2, 3
    Month 1, 2

    We had one tape drive for both curric and admin. Each tape drive covered 2 servers, until today, when we have had one tape drive for each curric server now.


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