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Windows Thread, Jigsaw Suite in Technical; Has anyone ever used the Jigsaw suite? It appears to be a sort of middleware for Vanilla networks to do ...
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    Jigsaw Suite

    Has anyone ever used the Jigsaw suite? It appears to be a sort of middleware for Vanilla networks to do tasks.
    Just started my new job and the previous guy had installed it. Looked in AD and it's created its own Jigsaw OU with all users and computers etc under it.
    Am I safe in editing AD policies and creating users with AD instead of Jigsaw, or does it do extra bits and pieces that I should be aware of.

    It's not of major importance as the network will become CC4 in October, so I only have to live with it til then, but obviously it'd be good to know what Jigsaw is capable of and if I should use it or go my natural way of AD

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    I've never heard of Jigsaw Suite either, but yes it should be fine to create another OU, setting up policies and create new users. In saying that, it probably isn't worth the effort as you're going the RM route so soon. I'm surprised your establishment didn't choose to do it over the holiday period!?

    AD does still run in an RM environment, but it'll be like Jigsaw Suite in a way (just more of it) and you'll control users using the RMMC, or whatever they've rebranded it in CC4.

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    We use inter jigsaw but only for batch importing users. All it is a front end for the group policies really. Its actually pretty useful but you can edit the policies for each OU yourself and modify them. Jigsaw just gives you some tick boxes and restrictions that are easily found.

    Personally if I was moving away I would go for the vanilla network, jigsaw will already have made the user groups and users under a nice set of group policies so just take it forwards without using the front end. Thats what I do here, but I do find the csv import of users very simple to use in interjigsaw and that's why we keep it.

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