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Windows Thread, Repackage MSI using discover method in Technical; I have been using Wininstall LE to repackage MSI (I used the discover mode, where it tracks changes using snapshots ...
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    Repackage MSI using discover method

    I have been using Wininstall LE to repackage MSI (I used the discover mode, where it tracks changes using snapshots before and after a program installation).

    However, Wininstall LE will no longer let me activate the free LE version (says their registation server is unavailable, or something similar).

    Does anyone know another free program that repackages MSI using a discover mode?


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    The tool mentioned in this link. Seems to offer what you want. Some posts indicate there maybe an issueif you do not have an SMS server installed. But in theory the packaging tools does not need an SMS server to run? If it works can you let me know.

    We have an older copy of Winstall LE that does still register, so if above does not work let me know.

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    I have had this issue, the trick is to disconnect the computer that you are installing it on from the network completely while you are running the installer. Then it figures out that there is no possible way for it to connect to the registration and does not bother. You can then just plug it back in after the install is complete and use it as usual.

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    As far as I'm aware you can't repackage an MSI using wintallle, or it will give you errors in the MSI you are trying to repackage. If you have an MSI already use Orca which is an MSI editing utility.

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