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Windows Thread, WDS Legacy (RIS) and XP SP3 Flat image in Technical; Hi, We currently have an XP only environment, and are using WDS in legacy mode( RIS mode) to deploy XP ...
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    WDS Legacy (RIS) and XP SP3 Flat image


    We currently have an XP only environment, and are using WDS in legacy mode(RIS mode) to deploy XP SP2 from the RIS server. This currently works fine, and I have some new laptops and desktops to setup for September.
    I can currently setup the new laptops and desktops with XP SP2, both flat and with drivers (I try and deploy all apps through GPO and MSI).

    I can also update these images with SP3, riprep them and have an updated SP3 image with drivers for the new laptops and desktops.

    What I currently cannot do, is create a new flat image that contains SP3. I have managed to slipstream SP3 into a SP2 CD, but when I try and add the new image to \\risserver\REMINST\Setup\English\Images\, using RISetup, it just says "media fail, cannot use Upgrade version".

    From what I have read, I think this is because I currently have an XP2 flat image (with a risstnd.sif file). Do I need to remove this (or put all the XP2 images into a different location or folder named SP2_Images or something) and create a fresh Images folder with no images in, then create a new SP3 flat image, using Risetup?

    Help!! (please...)


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    While i cant say for WDS in legacy mode or how riprep applies, the way i did it was:

    - Get a unmodified XP Vol CD
    - Copy everything onto a local hard drive
    - Slipsteam the download SP3 into it
    - Copy this to somewhere on or accessable to your RIS server.
    (preferable to have it fully copied to a local disk on your RIS server so you know all the files copy correctly)
    - add it using risetup with a descriptive foldername i.e. WXPSP3

    and carry on from there making it how you want it - depending what you use from here on that is, as there are alot of different process people use [too tired to list them hehe plus it may differ with WDS].

    Think its why we are still using a 2003 SP1 setup for RIS

    Regards and hope it helps in some way.

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    Thanks for your help...

    It was infact due to me not using a 'proper' Windows disk, (not my SP2 VLK homemade disc). Got it working fine now, and have slipstreamed the SP1 Windows disc with SP3 using Nlite. The only other issue that arose was to do with having both SP2 and SP3 flat images in the same "Setup" folder within the REMINST share. Once I moved the SP2 images to the root and renaming the folder containing them, it worked fine.

    Just meant I had to redo all computer images using the SP3 flat image, but this isnt always a problem, since I get the latest updated drivers etc etc and fix any glitches.


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