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Windows Thread, safe way to kick people out of sims.net? in Technical; Originally Posted by marco84 On the sims server > Right click My computer > Manage > shared folders > sessions ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by marco84 View Post
    On the sims server > Right click My computer > Manage > shared folders > sessions
    This will give you a list of people who have open session on the sims server. you can also kick them out from there by right clicking on the user and clicking end session however this may be a problem if a user is making some changes in sims.
    In the list you can see if the users have read or write access, if they only have read it is safe to kick them off. (The majority of our staff only have read access anyway.)

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    I usually do the sims upgrades on the first day of any holiday and generally stay 1 update behind... we hadn't any problems until I had to do one last monday(last week of term) ready for a visit from capita on thursday... we ended up unable to run/design reports until capita sorted out a patch for us yesterday morning :/ talk about worst possible timing.

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    The powers that be decided to do the new timetable the other day, but were worried they might make a mess of it so wanted a backup of the mornings work on the timetable before finishing it off. We usually only stop sims for backup at night, or just after everyone has left.

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    I thought timetables were part of Nova-T6? Which, if it is as it was 4 months ago, isn't part of the SQL database until you "commit" it. In which case a file-level backup of the timetable workstation and the fileserver would suffice.

    That is, of course, unless you are committing it to SQL.

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