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Windows Thread, Setting up Profiles in Technical; Hi we are about to move the staff from Local to Roaming Profiles 1/ Make user 2/ Log on as ...
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    Setting up Profiles

    Hi we are about to move the staff from Local to Roaming Profiles

    1/ Make user

    2/ Log on as user and create profile

    3/ Copy Profile over to Profile Server

    4/ InAD set Profile Path to Folder on Profile Server

    noow what happens if I do not want to have to log on as every staff member to create the profile..

    how do a make it so that they can all access Outlook int eir own account ?

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    Make the profile the way you want it to be as a test user - make sure you remove anything "personal" - eg drive mappings, printer mappings, outlook settings.

    Log off, log on as an admin user and then copy that profile to \\<domain>\netlogon\Default User - when a user without a profile logs on, they will pick up that profile.

    For your users with existing profiles, just setting a roaming profile in AD will cause their local profile to get copied back to the server and then used from then on.

    Getting Outlook right can be harder - ideally, what you do when you install Office is to create a transform file that specifies the name of the mail server etc. If you did this then a new Windows profile will just create the outlook profile; if you didn't then you can still make it happen by using a PRF file - google for that and you should find what's needed.

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