Hi All,

Came in this morning, to a non working mail system, restart the services, half wouldn't go, giving error messages, rebooted the server hoping some configuration needed to take place, got an error message and a "service failed to start" checked event log error code 0x80040154 which Technet relates to a missing SMTP service.

Alas following technet i re-installed SMTP, (how the hell does it just fall off the face of the planet) and the services restarted. Everything is now running regards services, however nothing is being sent or delivered, I send a test mail, and it just sits in drafts, no error messages or the likes.

Now, I assume this is related to IIS, both default website, and our external website, as we cant seem to start either at the same time.

Internal uses TCP80 SSL443 (dont use SSL)
External uses TCP80 SSL443 (enforce SSL)

Only one will start at a time, due to common ports, however changing the ports starts both websites.

Sending externally into school I get a "Unable to relay 550 error message"

Anyone have any ideas as to why nothing is delivering or sending?