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Windows Thread, DR Planning Help in Technical; OK Im in the process of trying to plan a proper DR Plan and have a few questions Proposed setup ...
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    DR Planning Help

    OK Im in the process of trying to plan a proper DR Plan and have a few questions

    Proposed setup -
    2 DCs (DC01 & DC02),
    2 File Servers (FS01 & FS02)
    2 Proxy's (Proxy01 & Proxy02)

    All "02" servers are for DR puproses, at any other time they are "idle" and just replicate from their 01's

    How do I configure DC02 to only be used if DC01 is not available? Anytime i have 2 Dcs - users seem to use DC02 as well as DC01..?

    Whats the best way to test DR?

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    Set both Domain Controllers as global catalogue servers that should work. Do you have DNS installed on the second one?

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    I think Gatt is wanting to use the second servers as hot standby servers, the only way I can think of is to set up a second site in sites and services for DR. Machines should connect to servers in their site be preference.

    However, I wouldn`t do that. By load balancing things across the two servers you are ensuring replication etc is working, and in the event of a server fail, assuming both dc`s are global catalogues and handle DNS (as Per FN-Greatermanchester) the other server should pick up the load.

    Assuming the second servers are in a different location, and have resilient network links should be a good solution.

    You still need backups, build details etc in case things go really wrong with AD (as the problems would replicate between the servers!).


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