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Windows Thread, Weird network file copy problem in Technical; We have a batch file on machines that copies a selection of files (Mainly just small MS Office files) from ...
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    Weird network file copy problem

    We have a batch file on machines that copies a selection of files (Mainly just small MS Office files) from a network drive location (i.e. I:\Folder\File.doc) to the local C:\ drive on startup.

    This has worked without problems for years.

    Today however, it gets to a 1kb text file and then just freezes. I have located this text file, it freezes my machine very badly as soon as I try to click it or open it.

    Can't understand what is going on as nothing has changed with it recently, it is hard to diagnose as every time I try to perform an action with it my machine starts acting very slowly!

    Any ideas?

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    AV? What's in the file?

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    I'd also run a full checkdisk scan on the drive because it could be hanging up when trying to read a busted sector.

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    Have you tried opening the file directly on the machine it resides on? (ie log onto the server, open file). Last time I had problems like this the HD on the server was failing and the odd handful of files that were in the developing bad sectors caused serious grinding if you attempted to open them. Might be worth running a chkdsk.

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