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Windows Thread, XP/Vista in Technical; BBC NEWS | Technology | Microsoft grants XP new lifeline Not looking good - I was hoping for more of ...
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    BBC NEWS | Technology | Microsoft grants XP new lifeline

    Not looking good - I was hoping for more of a cave-in by MS.

    MY workaound for desktops will be to buy second-hand - that should keep me going for a year or so.

    But laptops are going to be a problem

    Are you big boy and girls allowed to keep on using your VLKs after end of june?

    If so, maybe I'll just have to advance purchase some licences!


    Or maybe I have to start listening to my old Jam collection ...

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    As far as I know our Schools Agreement is for a desktop license so I can downgrade to Xp or 2000 if I like (which I do)

    I am putting a 2008 server in over the summer so I might have a play with Vista on some of the more powerful machines.

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    I can't see why you can't keep using your VLKs, you'll just have to buy the PCs with Vista on, down(or up!)grade to XP and hunt for drivers........ Unless the manufacturers manage to still sell with an XP downgrade CD/DVD supplied

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