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    Business Software Alliance

    Not sure where to put this (Mods: move if needed)

    Ok just had this email through

    Quote Originally Posted by Business Software Alliance
    Dear Sirs,

    The BSA (Business Software Alliance) are currently targeting companies in the Manchester area.

    Chamber view: Take a stand on software piracy - Business - News - Manchester Evening News

    As you are based in Manchester you are like to receive a letter like this : http://www.hexel.net/bsaletter.pdf

    As a decision maker within your business it is your responsibility to ensure the software your business runs is licensed. In certain circumstances, the BSA can bring criminal proceedings against individuals who, intentionally or not, violate UK copyright law.

    As long as your company is fully licensed by the 30th of June you will avoid the risk of penalties for using BSA member’s software prior to that date.

    Hexel can offer trained software analysts to ensure the software running is licensed and assist you in auditing your business within the amnesty period.

    Once we have completed the audit we will give you a report showing what software you have installed and a quotation to ensure you are legal.

    You can either purchase the software direct from ourselves, or your usual vendor.

    Depending on the size of your network, a full audit can cost as little as £200.

    Please call or e-mail for further information or a quote to audit your business.

    Yours faithfully,
    Anyone lese been contacted yet?

    Now need to start doing a bloody software Audit.. that'll go down like a lead balloon!!

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    Ignore it. They have no legal right to enter your school or audit you without a court order. Do not let them onto your premises or invite them in or they do get some legal precedence to audit you, and just like a witch finder of old they need to find something to keep them in pocket!
    They are just using FUD tactics to get themselves in the door, thats all.

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    Ignore it, simple as that.

    I made the mistake of answering one of their junk emails once, and simply received more!

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    Although what the e-mail says is true, that it is a business/school responsibility to ensure the software your business/school runs is licensed, I can't imagine who in their right mind would pay for such a service. It is cleverly worded, designed to worry people so they comply.

    I would recommend as a matter of good practice, to keep a folder documenting licensing for the applications/services your site uses and to keep an up-to-date inventory of computer hardware and resources.

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