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Windows Thread, Win Server 2003 R2 Anti Spyware in Technical; We use Sophos ant virus, but no internal firewall. That is provided by County as we proxy through them for ...
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    Win Server 2003 R2 Anti Spyware

    We use Sophos ant virus, but no internal firewall. That is provided by County as we proxy through them for our Internet feed.

    My question is, what if any antispyware should I use on the servers?? Should I upgrade Sophos to incorporate an internal firewall & spyware too, or will something like Windows Defender or Spybot(free editions) work just as well??

    Whats the best practise???

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    You'd be able to use Windows Defender theoretically, but some third party spyware applications require licenses to be purchased, even for educational establishments. It's only free to the general public!

    You shouldn't need to install anti-spyware on your servers. Generally speaking I avoid surfing the internet using IE on any server and use an admin workstation. I'd rather re-build a workstation rather than a server personally in a worse case scenario.

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    We tend not to use servers for browsing either, saves alot of time and alot of hassle. Don't for get with Spybot and (TeaTime --live monitoring) you're likely to run into problems with it disabling access for innocent programs.

    Just get an anti-spyware module for Sophos and let that handle all that needs to be done. We use Mcafee and all its integrated loveliness which includes anti-spyware

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    We use Sophos here and it scans for adware, Potentially unwanted Apps, etc. If anything I find it a bit too keen at times! But then again I haven't sat down and gone through all the apps I want to allow/disallow yet.......

    Which version are you running? Our clients are on 7.3.1 and the Enterprise Console is 3.1.0

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