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Windows Thread, Poll: who's putting SP3 on their summer images? in Technical; I just did 20 laptops with a base image from XPsp2, built them up with software and added XPsp3 (windows ...
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    I just did 20 laptops with a base image from XPsp2, built them up with software and added XPsp3 (windows update). All looked good, no issues.

    Until... I riprepped the image back up.

    When it came back down, any, and i do mean any, connection of a usb device caused a bluescreen.

    I tried with the XPsp3 .iso too. This fixed the broken build, but when i sent this one back up to the server and back to the laptop I got the same error.

    I have not tried with a slipstreamed Base image though.

    i eventually (3 hrs searching) found a post that suggested that i take the two files, usbehci.sys and usbport.sys from a XPsp2 install and drop them into the system32 folder of the RIS image.

    this worked a treat!

    hope this helps ;-)


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    I'm going to leave mine until I hear when the LEA are going to roll it out in their image. I've got most of the latest SP2 updates in the new image for mass deployment in the summer already. CBA to reroll the image just for SP3 just yet.

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    In the 'just testing' category at the moment. Got two newly built labs to install, so will probably test it in them

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    This year is a BIG image change for us so I will be adding SP3 to it if for no other reason it will save 250 machines hammering the WSUS server for 103 updates each when I start rebuilding IT suites in the summer.

    We got an adobe CS3 site license this year and given its a pig that takes more than 40mins to install by GPO I'm going to put it in the base image along with some new java based introductory programming softwre called greenfoot which doesn't like to be run from a network share. Our current base image is more than 2 years old so I'll be creating new GPOs etc for it too for a good oldfashioned fresh start.

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    Just put it on the first new image, didn't take that long to install on a dual core 4200+ Athlon64 (1GB RAM). Noticed that the bott time did seem to be a bit quicker afterwards, so far so good :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
    Pushed it out everywhere via WSUS. Only issue we've had is when people pull the power on machines installing the Service Pack. Resulting in a nonbootable machine.
    The very reason I haven't done it via WSUS. SP3 is a job for the summer

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    I have deployed SP3 to all workstations and laptops already.

    Hopefully if I do re-image this summer, depending on time constraints, I will be putting SP3 on the images.

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