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Windows Thread, nt backup question in Technical; just a saturday afternoon pondering.. If i do a full backup including system state data can I restore this in ...
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    nt backup question

    just a saturday afternoon pondering..

    If i do a full backup including system state data can I restore this in the same way i would an asr backup. Also would I be able to cheat and use a floppy from a previous asr backup to restore the full backup (or part of it)
    any thoughts welcome..

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    Creating a full backup and an ASR backup are two very similar procedures.

    Using NTBackup to create a full backup includes your OS, applications installed and the System State (which includes the registry). You can create a backup within XP either to a file or a tape. To restore a backup entirely or partly would require Windows to be re-installed completely first. You could then restore your backup entirely or partly.

    An ASR backup comes in two stages. A floppy disk containing system information and secondly a full backup of your system. By booting off the XP CD-ROM, you can immediately press F2 which will use the floppy disk to load information. Windows Setup will then load to a pre-state whereby you can then restore your system from the ASR backup you created.

    So to answer your first question, restoring a full backup and an ASR backup are slightly different processes. To answer your second question, I don't believe you can. The ASR floppy and the backup come complete as a set. You couldn't use an ASR 1 floppy disk with an ASR 2 backup you wanted to restore. You would have to re-create the set.

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