On a steep learning curve - any help much appreciated

We do not use PCF just using netsweeper as a transparent proxy

Staff accounts go to proxy direct however pupils go through our own isa proxy server all done through proxy settings in appropraite group policy

What we want is a separate policy for pupils which access through our proxy and another policy for other staff

In webadmin for netsweeper we have one group GROUP1@

In that groups clients I have created two client groups one for the whole subnet (in which staff can access any machine) and another just for the local proxy

If I go into modify client in group categories I can select categories which works as it should however I want a full policy for my proxy so have created a separate policy that applies to just the proxy client group.

The problem is that no matter what I try the default policy for the main group always overides the policy I have created.

Is there such as thing as a user guide?

Can I do what I want?

Am I missing something?

Keep the answers simple!!!!!!