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Windows Thread, Default user profile question..Help in Technical; Dear All Recently we had a corrupt default user profile (stored in netlogon share), so we went about creating a ...
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    Default user profile question..Help

    Dear All

    Recently we had a corrupt default user profile (stored in netlogon share), so we went about creating a new profile.

    This was the first time i did a profile and thought that if I used a pupils account, use that as the template, i will then copy that and put that as the default user.

    Problem I have found is since doing this, any new users I add in AD (teachers and other staff) get this pupil profile. Its all locked down and when they go to start, my documents, it displays the documents of that test user I used to create the profile with.

    If they go through my computer and then click on their H: drive, that shows the correct drive for the user.

    Did I make a mistake by using a pupil profile. Would I be better of using a admin account to create this default user and then be assured that group policies will look after the rest.

    How do other schools do this?

    Please help, as I unsure of what to do


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    Create the profile under an account that has no group policies applied to it - block inheritance if you have to. When you're happy with the profile copy it to your network location and change permissions (read only) so everyone can use it. Test using a test user before deploying to your netlogon share.

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    I tend to move my user into the default users container to make sure that the profile doesn't pickup and group policies.

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