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Windows Thread, Deploying Sophos via wireless in Technical; We've been using Sophos (7.3 client and console) for some time now and, after a shaky start, it seems ...
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    Deploying Sophos via wireless

    We've been using Sophos (7.3 client and console) for some time now and, after a shaky start, it seems to have settled down with few major problems.

    One ongoing issue we do have however is the updating of laptops via wireless.

    Out of a network of around 600pc's we get the odd error, normally when a pupil powers down a pc while it's updating, but we continually get problems with the laptops not taking their updates.

    If we cable them to a wall point they update fine, it's only when they're connected via the WAPs do we get the 'Download of Sophos AutoUpdate...' errors.

    Does anyone else experience this?

    The Sophos KB isn't any use at all!!!


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    If you manually click the Sophos icon and do "update now" once a user has logged on?

    If so, I suspect that the problem is that Sophos is trying to run its updates before the wireless network has properly connected. Could you try setting a different schedule for the laptops so that they update after logon? (not sure if you can do this; I do it manually on my own laptop at home if this happens but that's obviously not practical on a big network!)

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    I've deployed Sophos over wireless and I must admit, I have more problems than with wired workstations. I think in my case though, (one school comes to mind) the laptops themselves are getting a little old > 4 years which doesn't help. On the same network they have laptops which are > 1 year and I have a lot less problems.

    Things will rarely look perfect in the console, but I mainly concentrate on the detection data which is currently 4.29E. Identity files are less important and can vary a lot from machine to machine.

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