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Windows Thread, Wireless settings via GPO in Technical; Slight Off topic a little. I want to set up a policy in one of our GPO's. I have set ...
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    Wireless settings via GPO

    Slight Off topic a little. I want to set up a policy in one of our GPO's. I have set one up but to be honest don't really understand it. It I have set the access point up to broadcast a SSID and also ask for a password.

    Can i automate the password bit in the GPO setting? Also we currently restrict by MAC address as well. Can this be automated or is there no need for MAC address restriction if done by GPO.

    Idits proof answers only please :-)

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    What authentication are you using?

    Wireless policy losing settings

    Check out the link above, a fair few people seem to have the same problem as myself, MAC address filtering in general is done by the AP, but I can talk you through setting up a wireless GPO if you let me know what authentication you plan to use

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    the only way to fully automate using gpo is to move to radius and wpa encrytion. We have ti set up to allow all domain pc's to authenicate and extrnal pc's can have a certficiate applied.

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    I had realized, a little too late, that you cannot set up a WPA-PSK via the wireless policy in the GPO. The reasoning is that the wireless GPO settings are supposed to be for a sizable enterprise-type setting, where the PSK is more for home/small office users. I'm probably looking into implementing a radius server in the future to deal with any future laptops we will be getting in our district.

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