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Windows Thread, NT Backup in Technical; Hi We have a server containing a large number of media files (e.g. AVIs, MP3s, JPGs and the like), mainly ...
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    NT Backup


    We have a server containing a large number of media files (e.g. AVIs, MP3s, JPGs and the like), mainly work by media students etc, totalling around 200GB.

    Recently, a student managed to delete a large number of files (no proper file permissions had been set!) and no backup had been configured for the server! (This was, I hasten to add, before my time. I am still fairly new in post.) I managed to recover the data with a variety of undelete tools, and used this as a good reason to consider the purchase of a backup drive!

    Having obtained a nice shiny new DLT drive, I am using NT backup to back up the work. However, the backed up files seem to be around twice the size of the originals! Watching the backup run, and the DLT status window, when 15GB of data has been written to the tape, it informs me that 30GB of space has been used on the tape.

    Any suggestions or ideas regarding this, please?


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    Sounds like it's trying to compress already compressed files and making a bloody awful job of it, or it's got a million tiny files eating up the space.

    NT Backup itself is awful basic, you'd be far better off with Veritas etc.

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