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Windows Thread, Network drives not showing up at first click in Technical; Hi people, I have a staff member with a very strange problem..... When they click on the "My Computer" icon ...
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    Red face Network drives not showing up at first click

    Hi people,

    I have a staff member with a very strange problem..... When they click on the "My Computer" icon and expect to see their local/network drives none pop up, the windows opens and doesn't populate!

    It doesn't seem to matter how long you leave it (I have left it quite awhile) the drives don't show up. You have to close the window and reopen and the second time 99% of the time they show up

    The other annoying thing is it doesn't always happen which doesn't help when trying the resolve it!

    Anyone had this problem?

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    This is to do with when/how Windows processes logon scripts:

    User Config > Admin Templates > System > Scripts

    Comp Config > Admin Templates > System > Scripts

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    does this cause this error ........?

    i have a warning message on xp that crops up

    'cannot reconnect all network drives'

    this occurs after the following :-
    1- user logs on to networked machine, and logs off as usual
    2 - some gremlin unplugs network cable
    3 - previous usr logs on again, but obviously cannot get to network resources
    4 - cable is replaced
    5 - only the user in stage 1 will get this message, other users do-not when they log on.

    does anyone know what happens to registry etc when this occurs?, or will this occur on this users profile until i delete it?

    it must alter something somewhere, as it only occurs for this individual?

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