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Windows Thread, Full chkdsk on reboot with log file?? in Technical; I have been asked by the senior tech to run a full chkdsk on one of the servers this weekend ...
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    Full chkdsk on reboot with log file??

    I have been asked by the senior tech to run a full chkdsk on one of the servers this weekend as we think there is some issues with one of the hard drives. I'm not hugely familiar with how to do this on Server 2k3.

    I assume you need to set it to do it on reboot but is it possible to do 4 drives (partitioned) as well as put the results in a log file so we know what happened?

    Thanks in advance!

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    chkdsk /f /r c:

    say no for unmount and yes for next reboot. Repeat for each drive letter. In the eventlog there will be a winlogon entry after it boots with the result of the chkdsk.

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    run chkdsk

    One other thing that you may also need to know, if you can take the server down for about 10-20 minutes then it may also be a good idea (if this server has raid) to boot into the raid bios and make sure no drives are degraded. good luck.

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