Ok, a werird one here which I have not seen before. I have my contacts in my Exchange account (Exchange Server 2003 SP2 and client Outlook 2003 SP3) and then I have a shared set of contacts which I share with various people.

I want to move from my contacts various people that are team contacts not personal ones. So I highlight them, drag them to the contacts icon for my groups contacts (this is a seperate mailbox on Exchange which I have full access to) and the contacts go from mine, think great, go to the teams contacts, its put in maybe 3 or 4 out of 80 that were there. No errors reported or anything and now where are those contacts? I cannot find them.

Has anyone any thoughts on where they are now hiding or where they went? I am rather worried about this as its another thing that Exchange has done wrong! Its been rather good at doing this recently loosing things randomly and being just a bit stubborn really.