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Windows Thread, Explorer context menu in Group Policy in Technical; Hi, due to another shocking piece of RM Software, RM Snapshot, I was recently asked if I could enable the ...
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    Explorer context menu in Group Policy

    Hi, due to another shocking piece of RM Software, RM Snapshot, I was recently asked if I could enable the option to change the default printer so that colour printing was available.

    I went through, enabled the settings tab, made sure printers and faxes was available and then obviously I couldnt right Click to set the default printer.

    And so... I enabled the windows explorer context menu, thus giving right click in printers and faxes and enabling the user to switch the default printer for RM Snapshots usage.

    However, and here lies my issue. Now the context menu is enabled, users can right click on the desktop and rename icons, open up text documents etc . . . although not critical to security, this is a nuisance.

    The question I ask is, is there a combination of policies that allows you to enable changing the default printer, whilst not enabling the context menu. I have tried, under user config in GP, changing the desktop policy so that no-one can add, delete, rename or change but this does not work.

    I could do with a solution to this issue, anyone helping, your knowledge is much appreciated.



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    I don't think that you can unlock the context menu for just the printers but surely they can open the printer by double clicking on it and selecting "set as default printer" from the printer menu in the queue viewer.

    The other option I would suggest is looking at a script or application that triggers when you run the offending program and changes the default printer. How easy or hard this would be is solely dependent on your printer setup.

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