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Windows Thread, USB Device in Technical; We have a piece of kit called data harvest this is a usb device is there a way for us ...
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    USB Device

    We have a piece of kit called data harvest this is a usb device is there a way for us to make it possible for the students to install this device when they plug it in without it asking for the administrator username and password.

    We don't have any local accounts setup on the laptops only domain accounts.

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    You could try using the 'Load and unload device drivers' group policy, you can add approved groups.

    Windows Settings ---> Security Settings ---> Local Policies ---> User Rights Assignment

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    If they are dataharvest USB Loggers, they use a USB-Serial Adaptor so need to be installed by an administrator, so we do it that each PC that has the software has 1 dedicated USB port that we know works as we installed it to that port, once done its fine.

    On another note, these are better than the Pasco loggers, these need EVERY probe /device plugging in in EVERY combination possible per port, not fun at all Typical science department not talking to IT before puchase.

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