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Windows Thread, DFSR (& bandwidth limiting)? in Technical; I'm contemplating the options for making the best of a two site system with a slow (symmetric 2MB) link between ...
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    DFSR (& bandwidth limiting)?

    I'm contemplating the options for making the best of a two site system with a slow (symmetric 2MB) link between them. Kids move around and may need access to their docs at the other site tomorrow, so we have overnight to play with. Is anyone using DFSR in practice for something like this? How is it? What can you get away with etc?

    I want to play with this on the lab bench. That may end up being virtual (ESX lets you limit bandwidth per VM), but if not does anyone know of a good, preferably free ,way to throttle bandwidth to emulate performance accross say a 2MB & 10MB links? If not free then 30-day trial will be long enough

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    The DFSR management console lets you do this - look at the replication schedule section and there's a bit which lets you specify the available bandwidth.

    DFSR is very good at compressing the data and just moving it efficiently (copying only the chunks of files which have changed rather than the whole file if it can)

    I think you should be OK with this but I always like to know how I can recover if things go horribly wrong. In this case, if you found that replication couldn't keep up then I would stop the replication, use robocopy in both directions to get both sites to the same state and then move back to using one of the site folders.

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    Also if your going to have a AD Domain controller on the other end, you need to specify your sites correctly in the Sites and Services MMC.

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