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Windows Thread, Windows Mobile 6 + GMT in Technical; I'd forgotten about this problem since last autumn. I have a user with a WM6 TyTN 2 phone and now ...
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    Windows Mobile 6 + GMT

    I'd forgotten about this problem since last autumn. I have a user with a WM6 TyTN 2 phone and now we have switched to GMT all of his appointment times have jumped forwards one hour instead of remaining the same! This happened last autumn too. When you Google for this you will find half the Internet bitching about this massive oversight (feature) Microsoft have included into their WM software. Does anyone here know of a fix or cure to revert the appointment times back again? Or will others bitter experience have me wiping the device and using the 'fix' where you have to untick 'Adjust for daylight saving time' in Outlook?

    Ah, hang on. The first hit on Google when I searched for 'Windows Mobile 6 patches' is: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobi...g/default.mspx
    Sometimes I really hate them.

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    Its nothign to do with MS Outlook, the PC and the phones regional settings all being different and mesed up is it? I've had this where Outlook calenders have jumped and shuffled and it was down to regional settings on the PCs being different so one moved it once then another did something else to it and basically messed it all up

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