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Windows Thread, File Permissions in Technical; Is there a peace of software that will log when a user or program attempts to access a file they ...
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    File Permissions

    Is there a peace of software that will log when a user or program attempts to access a file they do not have access to, and display the file/folder details.

    Having problems with what looks like an access permissions problem..

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    You sound like your after Filemon. If its a file security issue when running in limited user mode this should do it. If is is a problem with users and server file shares then you may need to use auditing.

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    I'd also recommend looking at the user in question and what Security Group(s) they're a member of (using Active Directory for example). Then look at the share(s) and verify Permissions.

    Another simple way to check access problems is to look at users within the same Security Groups. Do they have the same problem or not? Narrow down the problem step by step.

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