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Windows Thread, Certain Parts of GPO not applying in Technical; I have a GPo with settings in both Computer and User Configuration. I currently have settings on permissions on the ...
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    Certain Parts of GPO not applying

    I have a GPo with settings in both Computer and User Configuration. I currently have settings on permissions on the registry in the Computer config already set up. I have just added another reg key and changed the permissions and it does not seem to take effect. Att the same time i changed a setting on the 'Local Security Policy' and that has propagated down the the laptop. It seems like its just the reg setting that will not propagate down.

    The policy was set up around a month ago and already contains re setting changes and they are apparent when you check the reg on the local machine.

    I have tried the GP Update on the server and the local laptop and it seems not to take any affect, but i know there has been a change because of Local security policy has changed . Both the LSp and the new reg key were added at the same time so it just does not make sense.

    any ideas?

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    Presumably, if you're using User and Computer GPO settings, are both User and Computer Objects under the same OU?

    For example, you may have an OU called Curriculum and two sub OUs. One which contains all your Users and the other your Computer Objects. By configuring GPOs on Curriculum this would be inherited by your sub OUs.

    Sometimes if Computer Objects are in a different OU to your Users, this does create weird and wonderful problems, similar to what you're describing with policies not being applied.

    If all the above is not relevant, at a workstation type gpupdate /force you may have to logoff and re-logon for changes to take effect.

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