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Windows Thread, Maintainece Schedule in Technical; Before I add these to the wiki can people say what they think. Daily Connectivity check - make sure all ...
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    Before I add these to the wiki can people say what they think.

    Connectivity check - make sure all services are connected to the internet where required. This can be done in a number of ways and the main one being that users will complain if it isn't working!
    Server check - visual check of the servers to see if they have restarted overnight or are even actually on. One easy method of doing this is by ensuring your servers are logged on at the console with a suitable administrative user (not necessarily Administrator) and then checking that it is still that way in the morning. If it is at the log in prompt, then check why. A quick whizz round on a KVM is the way we would do it.


    Storage check - highlight areas of storage that need cleaning out or migrating to different servers. This also helps with long term planning for storage and backups. Using DFS can be helpful here to ensure that users do not see a break in access to files / resources.
    AV / Malware - Check the logs of the central consoles to ensure that all clients are up to date and that no single machine is highlighted as a risk. If this can be automated as a daily email then all the better.
    Web Access Logs - Check to see the most used sites, whether it is by number of users, by number of times accessed or by bandwidth. If a site is popular that you can be sure that it is either being used as part of a lesson, or the kids have found a site to waste time. If this can be emailed via a daily log then it is better.

    WSUS checks - ensure that patches are applied

    Termly (the old terms ... not the renamed half-terms!)
    Updating of WDS images to include new software that is presently pushed out via GPO. This includes testing / QA to eliminate issues. The Image is only pushed out as required.

    Most of the above entries also apply as well, but these as just a few additions.

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    I don't defrag or scandisk any of the lab computers....never have done. I find it of questionable benefit, particularly as the machines are locked down and so there isn't any file sprawl on the local machine. I find there are much better methods of improving performance - reimaging being the easy one.

    I used to reimage once a term, but since implementing mandatory profiles it becomes even less frequent.

    As for cleaning keyboards and monitors, i'll occasionally take a can of air to the keyboards but that's about it.

    @GD - you're list looks good, especially the daily stuff.
    I tend to take a reactive approach to connectivity aswell. ;0)
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    We do similar things on a termly basis as mentioned above, however we tend to re-image the whole estate termly as appose to yearly. We have an estate of approx 400 desktops and 1000 laptops.

    The laptops get re-imaged as they come back for repair. However the desktops within the dedicated suites get imaged termly.

    We average 3 suites of 20 machines in one ay between 2 of us, once the pre-image updates etc have been completed.

    We have approx 5 dedicated suites of 30 machines and the rest are either small suites, with 10 or less machines or loan classrooms. We just stick a USB boot stick in each, have a ghost cast session set up and let them all connect. Sort

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    We re-image ours tearmly as well. As for service packs you cant really put them in the Schedule was designed for regular things. Service packs are not that regular. Plus we would push them out with WSUS

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