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Windows Thread, Can you have a local mandatory profile? in Technical; Originally Posted by farmerste if you like i'll try and give you a blow by blow account of how i ...
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    Yes please!

    Quote Originally Posted by farmerste View Post
    if you like i'll try and give you a blow by blow account of how i set up a machine, but i take great pride in making images that i consider to be perfect, by that i mean users (small children, and special needs) should not be confused by popups asking how they would like things configured. So my blow by blow account might be a bit of a tome.
    I would certainly appreciate an account of how you handle Default Profiles It would come very useful indeed.

    Thank you for your kind offer,

    Ross Wilson

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    how i do it

    firstly you need to start with a domain user, without any special AD policies applied ( preferably none, just a member of domain users), but you might want to make them a power user, or some other AD group specific to your environment.

    next you need to logon to the machine you are going to use to make the master image, as a domain admin. Now add all the software you need, and apply any tweaks- e.g registry, .inf files etc

    now log in as the domain user you are going to use to build the default user profile with, and configure the desktop, add network printers/devices, and most importantly check that everything works. basically how ever you set up this user will get 'used' by all all those who log onto this machine ( or copies/images of this machine elsewhere) when you are happy, log out .

    log in as domain admins again, ensure you show all hidden files, and under advanced settings- users- copy the above profile to the 'default user', and give permissions for everyone to use it.

    i now delete the 'stubpath' entries in the registry to stop windows trying to set up new setting for users that now log in ( microshaft really don't know how their computers are used, and in schools, especially with SEN and small kids this 'per-user' setup is frustrating, and overwhelming for some ). I also rename the Administrator account to admin, so that it doesnt get copied-over the default user account ( this is fixed in sp3 i think).

    remove from domain,syprep the machine- and image it to......? wherever.

    job done

    actually i spend ages on the default user profile, running dvds, testing flash,shockwave, qtime, real, acrobat, printer settings etc..etc. But i have found the effort is well worth it.
    I also use cleanslate to lock down the pc, but other software is available such as deep freeze etc, i am also looking at using 'reborn' cards to make a robust desktop without any type of antivirus required, except on the server, and machines that are left on mostly without a reboot.

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