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Windows Thread, Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in Technical; I have an old piece of educational software that runs off a network share (flowol ) however windows DEP is ...
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    Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

    I have an old piece of educational software that runs off a network share (flowol ) however windows DEP is stopping it from running. I know you can add things to the list manually but I need to do this on ~500 clients. Is there anyway of adding it in maybe via GP or a script? I could always disable DEP but this would create more problems i suspect

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    DEP on flowol? News to me....we're running 2.90, all on XPSP2/1..no issues. Local installs though (if you can call it that - since it runs from a directory, it just gets copied to machines that need it.

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    At the following site :


    Its the one at the very bottom - vbscript that is

    So you could assign this to the relevant OU or OU's and also alter the text file to add the relevant app and put the text file on a share that all the machines have access and the relevant permissions or rights to.

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