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Windows Thread, How to set up custom AD Taskpad view for certain OU's in Technical; I want to set up a custom AD task pad view so that i can give ICT dept staff a ...
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    How to set up custom AD Taskpad view for certain OU's

    I want to set up a custom AD task pad view so that i can give ICT dept staff a custom MMC so they can just reset passwords for kids.

    I have a OU which contains separate OU's with all the year groups which all contain the relevant kids. I want the staff just to have a custom MMC so they only see the top level Student OU and all the other OU's inside. I would liek to be able to let them change password and nothing else.

    I have tried this but it does not seem to work how i want it. I only get permissions to set the reset password if i pick on a particular year group OU, if i try it at the top level OU i don't get the reset password option.

    Anyone help?

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    I set up the exact same thing for our teachers to reset pupils passwords (mostly to stop them bothering me to do it)

    Works perfectly, but yep - the hard bit is setting the rights and permissions correctly. I think your query seems to relate mostly to your AD setup though - how is it structured in relation to the groups you mention?

    - Students
    |_ Year 1
    |_ Year 2
    etc ?

    Edit: If noone can help, i'll do you a little walky-through for how i did it. See if you can get a quick answer first though.
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    @ Kyle:

    Taks a look at http://www.edugeek.net/forums/showthread.php?t=14088 as I have covered this in depth for another member.

  4. Thanks to ICTNUT from:

    Kyle (24th November 2011)

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    Heres some more information that might be helpfull,

    Granting Users Password Change Ability (Password Administration)


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