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Windows Thread, Filter applications by security group in Technical; Originally Posted by Lithium I just wish Group Policy could push out MSP's *shakes fist at Adobe* Do you know ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lithium View Post
    I just wish Group Policy could push out MSP's *shakes fist at Adobe*
    Do you know you can apply an MSP to an install point? This updates the files at the original install location. Then all you need to do is RH click on the application and hit redeploy.
    There is a guide here for office, but the same command lines should work. I think you will have originally copied the apps files using the msiexec /a switch.

    Disclaimer: Like everything in 'MSI land' it only works if the company haven't put in the effort of buggering up Microsoft's perfectly good standardised install routine (*Shakes fist at InstallShield*). So, knowing Adobe's track record, I wouldn't hold up much hope. Foxit Reader anybody?

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    Yep you can do that with most MSI's although it doesn't seem to work with the MSP for the 2007 Office convertor SP1 for some reason grrrrr.


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